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What Our New Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice.  Review a selection of Wilderness Family Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Christine Stewart

Very thorough exam and questioning – helpful for zeroing in on trouble spots and my comfort with intensity levels of treatments.

~ Rhonda A. (April 2/15)

I felt better as soon as my visit was over. Thanks!

~ Sharon B. (March 31/15)

You ladies have a great place! Each of you has made me very comfortable and I look forward to many future visits. Dr. Chris I feel so much better and your actions, explanations and bedside manner are unrivaled.

~ Richard Z. (March 21/15)


Now I’m aligned and feeling fine. On just the first visit just walking was better for me. And the pain in my neck and full back has been a complete difference in pain I went from a ten in pain to a 1.

~ Savannah M. (Nov 24/14)

I feel much better after just one visit, my back pain has subsided significantly versus when I arrived.

~ Robert C. (Nov 18/14)


So glad I found this practice.

~ Patti S. (Nov 10/14)

You are thorough and my experience feels very personalized. I already feel much better and am hopeful again.

~ Mary S. (Nov 6/14)


The entire experience was very positive. I look forward to continued treatments.

~ Ellen F. (Oct 24/14)

Will become a regular patient there as I think that the practice is what I have been looking for.

~ Meredith H. (Sept 12/14)


I am looking forward to the help I will be receiving for the condition of my spine and neck.

Thank you so much…God bless…

~ Mary D. (May 19/14)

I’m a happy camper!

~ Ted D. (Mar 5/14)


Excellent, I am very excited to see some changes in how I feel and am very hopeful. Thank you for your help!

~ Traci K. (Mar 2/14)

Appt was excellent and both of us felt some early good results.

~ William M (Sept 25/13)



~ Dr. Gail (Sept 24/13)

Great first visit to any chiropractor! I’m not fearful anymore! Thank you!

~ Brenda A (July 22/13)


Very satisfied with approach and plan to be taken to help me feel better.

~ Sandy S (July 17/13)


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Reviews for Wilderness Family Chiropractic